Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fallacy of Green Ticks

Source: NEA
Source: Gain City Price List
As Singapore enforces aircons, fridges and dryers to have their power consumption measured, people will perceive that higher number of ticks implies more savings over time. However, this savings might not offset the higher price.

Especially for plasma and LCD, LCD uses less electricity over time but plasma are cheaper. The savings might not be enough to offset the huge price differences.

The true cost of electrical appliance is
Est. cost of electricity * years of usage + Price

For example, I check the prices at Gain City (although prices are usually negotiable at stores)

Comparing LG 42" TV
- S$1,999.00 PLASMA 42PQ60R
- S$3,299.00 LCD 42LG60FR

The price difference is $1,300 and there is a need to consider whether the electricity cost of the plasma will be more than $1,300 during the years of usage. Therefore, don't blindly follow the green ticks. There is a reason why Singapore isn't covered with solar panel everywhere and being environmental friendly.

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