Wednesday, August 5, 2009

About Me

This blog is meant for me to pour my thoughts in investment and money. I prefers fundamental analysis and won't be talking about technical analysis. Investment is a fun journey so I hope to keep learning.

When I retires, I hope to:
a) open orphanage.
b) grow my own food.
c) sell ice-creams to kids.
d) continue to invest, reading annual reports, attending shareholder meeting.
d) have S$3 million in asset.

I placed Google Adsense not totally for earning money but rather to see related sites or information. Google normally does a good job so I can see what is relevant most of the time.

I try to focus only on the business aspect of stocks and not the dividend since it isn't good for shareholders actually. There are better blogs that focus on dividend anyway. Perhaps when I grow older and my investment horizon become shorter, I will then look into dividend stocks.

Other smaller goals that I thought of
a) Learn cycling and use bicycle as main transportation
b) Hire freelance programmer for some of my ideas
c) Job agency for matching jobs for elderly

If you have specific questions you would like to be answered here, please leave your comments or contact me directly. Your comments and opinions are always appreciated!

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MyChoice Editor said...

How can I follow you. I really wanted to learn more about investing, especially about start-up and raising VC in Malaysia for I wanted to start a company of my own.

Hoon Thien Rong said...

Investing is personal and everyone got their own style.

As I do investing only part-time, I myself is also learning too. I am learning from books, reading other blogs, listening to others talk, reading annual reports, etc.

For your case, I recommend you should take a look into Malaysia government policy for any support about startups. In Singapore, there are scheme like i.Jam or SPRING, Young Entrepreneurs Scheme for Startups (YES! Startups).

In addition, try to find and talk with others interested for contacts. Furthermore, also learn some business or accounting skills from books or websites. Networking and business skills are essential.

Anonymous said...

wow, you have a very good retires plan. I hope you don't have to be retired to realize these goals. Hope you make good investment and earn fast asset so that your goal will be realized to help the community as earlier as possible.
I like the random money quote saying. Can't you related it in your investment and thoughts.

Thien Rong said...

Honestly, my plan isn't good enough. It is not well defined in terms of time and target. However, I still have around 40 years(since I am 25) to so it is still alright but I will need to setup more shorter-term milestones.

I like the random quote too, but because investment is not my top priority now, I prefer to allocate my limited time to analyzing companies and focus on my knowledge and strategies.

yan said...

Thien Rong, I must praise you for having a meaningful retirement plan at such a young age. I sincerely hope your wishes will come true. Btw, I learned cycling when I was about 10 years old. But now, I had forgotten how to cycle. I wish to learn again.

Ong Jian He said...

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Roger said...

What is your motivation for this blog and what drives you to continue with it? My general impression is that it's very informative and well-researched. You want to learn how to cycle? You're not kidding, are you? BTW, once you've learned to cycle you'll never forget.

Hoon Thien Rong said...

My motivation is as I said to pour my thoughts on investment. A blog forces me to take some time weekly to think about investing regardless of how busy I might be.

My interest in making money drives me to continue. I believe many people too wish to earn enough money for their 'retirement' and do something they have a passion rather than work for the sake of working.

Cycling should be a good exercise and transport. Somehow, as Singapore get more crowded, I don't believe the public transportation can cope and I dislike driving.

Roger said...

Thanks for your honest views. I hope to profit from your experiences in investments. Thanks in advance. You're right about cycling being a good form of exercise as well as transport. These days I bring my foldable bike into the MRT.

DreamerZ said...

Hi Bro, take a look at Fung Choi.
NAV abt $0.345, current price abt $0.16, more than 100% upside. Let me know ur views.

Hee Teck
P.S. Looking to reviving my blog



What a wonderful blog you have! I have completely enjoyed reading some of your posts. I have come across very few blogs with such nice information. Is there a way by which I could contribute with an article to your blog?

Please do let me know.


Hoon Thien Rong said...

Hi Jennifer,

Currently, I prefer to keep the blog personal. Perhaps in the future when I cannot find anything useful to write about, lol

Sandy said...


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Angel Stone said...

Hi Thien Rong,

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Hope we can do this.


Harry said...

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Anonymous said...

What do you tell a divorced now single mum with 3 young children, no house, not much savings, sometime feel like ending all but after reading your blog, has some energy to fight fate and wish to do what you do as you share the same dream plus a wish to buy a house and secure a secuirty for her family...what advice can you give her?

Hoon Thien Rong said...

Regarding a divorced mum with 3 young children, no house and savings, I will advise you to seek government aids.

There are various help available and you can find some at ComCare.

There seem to be a HOPE (Home Ownership Plus Education) scheme from the government that might fit your needs.


To apply, you need to visit one of these CDC centers:

Central-Singapore CDC
HDB Hub Bizthree
490, Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #04-10
Tel: (65) 6370 9901

North East CDC
3 Tampines Grande
#01-02, AIA Tampines
Tel: (65) 6424 4000

North West CDC
900 South Woodlands Drive
#01-04, Woodlands Civic Centre
Tel: (65) 6767 2288

South East CDC
10 Eunos Road 8
#02-01, Singapore Post Centre
Tel: (65) 6243 8753

South West CDC
The JTC Summit
8 Jurong Town Hall Road, #26-06
Tel: 1800-316 1616

storyinacoconut said...

Thank you. I doubt they would help me. You see I am not low income. They would tell me to go help myself. What I need is to find another avenue to increase my income. Anyway, you keep writing and I keep learning from you...someday when i save up enough, I will trade. steps by steps, one step at a day. Cheers

Hoon Thien Rong said...

Don't learn from me lol as I am not making money from trading.

I will recommend learning from others like who is really vested and experienced.

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