Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Digitial Life: TQGlobal Game

"The most valuable element in a game is its intellectual property (IP)."

Reading Digital Life, I saw about TQGlobal, a game company, choosing Singapore as their base. Singapore is strong in IP rights therefore the reason sounds valid. However, thinking about the famous paid games like Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Pro Evolution Soccer, etc, I don't think the companies had sued anyone for copying their games. In addition, nobody created a clone too because people played the games for their brand and storyline.

For free famous games like Zynga's Mafia War, there are many clones around. However, most people stay with the original is that there are constantly new features, their friends are there already and they have worked some time to get their status in the game. IP is important but the survival of a game isn't based on IP but rather the user base, the gameplay and media coverage.

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