Monday, August 24, 2009

Reader Digest Scam?

My family recently receive a couple of mail from Reader Digest about the chance to win cash. The problem is, we do not even subscribe to them at all. They mention about winners getting a free limousine ride to the prize award ceremony in Reader Digest Singapore building too. Too good to be true.

Danger if you did not read in detailed:

It might not be a scam but it is definitely a marketing ploy. They have a Yes/No envelope for you to reply back your details to them. Typically, you will think "Yes" imply you are interested in joining the lucky draw. However, "Yes" imply that you will subscribe to their paid services. Regardless that the contest is real or not, Reader Digest having the right to deduct money from you feels sneaky. Even if you reply with the "No" envelope, what if they still charge you? The thought of the envelopes reminds me of those complex investment structure, with clauses hidden inside their thick prospectus.


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