Monday, September 7, 2009

Abu Dhabi acquiring Chartered Semiconductor (H1Y)

Advanced Technology Investment Company LLC (ATIC), a technology investment company wholly-owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi, has proposed to acquire Chartered Semiconductor. Temasek Holdings, the largest shareholder of Chartered at around 63%, has agreed to the acquisition. After the acquisition, ATIC propose to delist Chartered Semiconductor.

Profit Margin:

The company offered $2.68, over the last done price of $2.66. Calculating the profit margin, it is only at 0.05%. Unless the current shareholder other than Temasek has strong opinion of the offer, it is not going to be worth buying now. There are also several conditions in the offer document for the acquisition to materialize. Currently, the stock is at a trading halt.


  1. SGX - Proposed Acquisition of Chartered Semiconductor
  2. Press Release

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