Monday, September 28, 2009

Buying on sentiment

Sometimes, I feel I should speculate on sentiments. The market seems so predicable when good news occurs.

For example, some good news that had occured in the last month
a) Midas possible double listing in Hong Kong
b) DMX Tech invested by KDDI Corporation, 2nd largest telecom in Japan
c) Ntegrator wins contracts the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network in Singapore
d) Sinotel invested by HC International, an hedge fund
e) Noble invested by China Investment Corporation, a China sovereign wealth fund

There are probably more good news too but just listing some examples. As long as you are not too greedy and don't misunderstand the news, typically you can make some quick cash. However, there are some issues with this.


However, I don't wish to do that because
a) Require lots of time and quick thinking, practically day-trading. I don't like that concept of day-trading although I could probably write some programs to save some time. But still, I am still very anti day-trading currently.
b) I just hate heavily researched and actively traded stock. I just feel those stocks will be already well-researched with lots of others smarter people with commercial tools that can do better than me. Perhaps, I just like to support underdogs.
c) a misinterpretation of the news might lead to quick losses too.

I know both a) and b) are very personal and not really valid. However, people should invest what they feel comfortable about and for me, I still like fundamental, undervalued business.

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