Monday, October 12, 2009

Companies and Brands

Buying companies you know can reduce some risks since you are updated with their news. For people who don't know much companies, you can try by looking through the items you use and buy. Who are their competitor/alternatives and what competitive edge do they have that made you bought them? There are big companies like SPH, SMRT, etc but also other consumer goods that you might have bought but not realized. Therefore, I tried to list some brands that you might had bought but not realized they are related to a listed company. You may want to guess the company by not scrolling too fast beyond the image. The listed company name is below the image.

Brands (Chicken Essence, etc)

Cerebos Pacific

Harvey Norman

Pertama Holdings


Wing Tai

Dian Xiao Er

Soup Restaurant

Cold Storage, Giant, Shop n Save, 7 Eleven, etc

Dairy Farm International Holdings

Tiger Balm

Haw Par

Of course, there are more companies like the sushi companies like Apex-Pal and Japan Food. Nevertheless, it can be a good start to find something you know about.

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