Thursday, October 29, 2009

Comparing STI ETF

Benchmarking with STI ETF is good because
a) it is diversified
b) if you do worse than the index, you can switch to it easily since it is traded like stock

There are currently 2 listed STI ETF available, so you still need to choose. They are:

DBS Singapore STI ETF,

* Smaller lot of 100
* Lower expense ratio, based on the values on the website.

* Less liquidity

streetTRACKS® Straits Times Index Fund
Advantages and disadvantages are the opposite of DBS's ETF.

SGX also provides a link to track only the STI ETF. Open the link.

I feel the lot number isn't that important, since the biggest cost is the minimum brokerage cost of $25. The less liquidity might be overcome if DBS managed to get enough of its funds to buy into its own ETF. Regardless, at this stage, I will prefer to look at streetTRACKS ETF rather than DBS if I am ever going to buy the STI ETF.

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