Monday, November 30, 2009

Holding Review on November 2009

Just the addition of Iconic Holding, another delisting company that I wait to sell @ 0.17. Also had profited $437.39 from Full Apex during the month and $152 from the NETS Flashpay.


Investment SecuritiesPurchase DateAnnualised ReturnSharesBuy Price
STI ETF*15-Jan-2008-10.17%1,9833.47
STI ETF*17-Oct-200828.67%5022.08
ASA Group28-Sep-200943.88%33,0000.055
STI ETF*28-Sep-200923.36%6802.67
Iconic Holding27-Oct-2009-37.39%520000.165
STI ETF*27-Oct-200923.35%3,1202.75

Dividend stocks have been in my mind for a long time. I don't want to buy them, because I feel they are probably well researched by many making it less rewarding. Also, dividend might not be that good to a company compared to the company reinvesting the money since it is taxed. But it assume the company makes good reinvestment too.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Returns from Full Apex

Earn $437.39 in the couple of weeks of holding Full Apex. Going to try investing the money in Iconic Holdings. Chartered Semiconductor is still available but its not profitable at its current $2.67.


StockPurchase DateAnnualized ReturnBuying PriceSelling Price
Full Apex12-Nov-2009133.67%0.170.18
STI ETF*12-Nov-200965.72%2.772.86

Given the experience of Sihuan and Iconic Holding, I am surprised it reach its offer price so soon. I did beat my benchmark the STI ETF too.

Efficiency may not be good?

Just a thought, sometime we think that the more efficiency we are the better it is. However, in some cases, I don't think it is true.

For example, in the hawker center, if you don't know what food is good, how do u normally judge and choose in the various choices?

Some people may
* choose food they like to eat,
* choose food that have the most people eating now,
* choose stall with the longest queue

Based on the 3rd reasons, sometime it can be a good idea to slow down the cooking process to let the queue grow. Of course that only work to attract people to buy your food for the 1st time, the price, suitability of the food is still the biggest factor to getting constant customers.

Monday, November 23, 2009

China hints at resumption of yuan appreciation

Quite a while ago, but news of China hinting resumption of yuan appreciation. It was one of the reason why I like to invest in China companies but didn't seem to occur. I was searching for the article and instead found a contrasting view a couple of week before the article saying China yuan will be maintained till export recovered.

Not sure what to follow, but I believe in the long term, other countries will keep pressuring China to appreciate their yuan so Chinese will import their goods.

Reuters - China hints resumption of yuan
STI - China maintain weak yuan

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Profited from Full Apex (F18)

I had sold my Full Apex today on the open market, will probably take a couple days to get the money back. Profited about $500 excluding brokerage. Will do the details calculation when I get the amount back.

NETS Flashpay Limited Offer no more

The $7 offer above is no more based on the website and what a friend said.


For me, I made around $152 dollar for the 76 cards I bought and refunded through UOB ATM. I took me around a few hours for 3-4 time to get the amount and probably could have done all that in 1 day. So, the NETS Flashpay and earning $152 a day experience was a good one. Thank you, NETS for the early hongbao :)

However, I wish to correct my previous calculation using profit margin, 2/15 = 13%. Instead, it should be a matter of $/hr rather than profit margin since time is the bigger constraint. Since the offer is no more, I can show some calculation that I made that make it feel like a good offer.

Time needed to buy and refunded a card
1 min to buy(tested) + 1 min to refunded at UOB ATM
# of possible cards refunded in 1 hour
30 cards
Amount made per hour

The reason why I got less is
a) the queuing time in Boon Lay (only for my first 10+ cards, but my friend and I found Bukit Gombak kiosk had no users. And since we took turns, we got less cards each then if we do it individually at our own time.)
b) I didn't have a UOB account, so I needed some time to setup the account, I also setup the UOB trading account since I wish to try the platform.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Podcast: Mad Money Machine

Introducing another podcast I listen to. A index fund investor but what interests me is the news and tools introduced on the show.

For example, Icarra which is a free portfolio tracker. It also allows comparison with other portfolio or stocks.

The recent episode also track Jim Cramer, a former hedge fund maanger, 12 stocks to buy on the recovery on Icarra here


  1. Mad Money Machine Website

Some updates to Furniture Sector

Some updates to furniture sectors, probably missed out HTL International news since it was quite a while ago. I am pretty much full invested and no looking into any stock till I get the cash back from the delisting Iconic and Full Apex.

Lee Wen Ching(DBS) Downgrade Koda from Buy to Hold @ $0.29

Cacola 3Q Result

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Opening UOB KayHian and U-plus

I opened a saving/statement account with UOB to allow the refund of the NETS Flashpay cards on hands. This will means another $500 average balance needed besides the $500 also for the POSB account. I will just treat then as emergency funds although there is a early account closure fee of $30 for closing within 6 months.

I didn't know there is a difference between saving and statement account.

  • Saving account with bank book,
  • Statement account, UOB send monthly statement to you

I also tried to open a trading account with UOB KayHian although I didn't note my CDP account number so I need to go back another day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Delisting Company: Full Apex (F18)

Another company delisting, this time it is a packaging company, Full Apex. I wonder if it is the season of delisting or just because that I started to track them for delist in SGX news.

Regardless, the cash offer is at $0.18 per share. Last trade price currently is $0.17.

Because I will probably need the cash later on, I decide against buying it at $0.175 and queue at $0.17 that I probably won't get. There is a higher margin with the NETS Flashpay card.

The margins are:

Buy 51 lot @ $0.17, Sell @ $0.18 = 5.13%
Buy 51 lot @ $0.175, Sell @ $0.18 = 2.14%

Monday, November 9, 2009

NETS Flashpay

I just bought "several" more NETS FlashPay after finding out from a friend that UOB allow refunding of the card. This implied that technically, u can immediately get the extra $2 by just buying and refunding the card. I shall not show the calculation of the amount you can expect to earn if u just keep doing it for the whole day since it can be pretty impressive. If anyone is interested, just calculate it yourself instead. It takes around 1 min to buy a NETs Flashpay card.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bought eleven $10 Nets Flashpay card

I decided to get lots of Net Flashpay card after hearing a friend tell me about the offer they are giving. Basically, you get $17 card value for paying $15 in a Net Flashpay card at the kiosk.

Profit Margin = 2/15 = 13.3%

However, the slow processing of the kiosk made it too time consuming and I just get eleven instead. There are 2 extreme views of my actions that I know people will have. Most probably, people will feel that it is crazy that I buy so many.

Drawback of buying multiple cards:

Unable to use each card to zero. Especially for buses rides, prices are in the cents and it is unlikely to use each card to zero cent. Therefore, there will be values wasted in each card if not used completely. Probably got to hope there is a refund options in the future like cashcard to get back the amount inside.

Desire to spend unnecessary. Similar to credit card, it can induce more spending since it is so easy to spend money.

Nets goes bankrupt. Doubt this will happen or without any refund.

Troublesome when taking bus. Since I use another SMRT card, I need to take one of them out instead else both cards can clash or be deducted together.

Topup cost of $0.50. Luckily I overheard someone talking about the extra charges to topup. There are currently only 3 types of topup where the cost is free
a) iNETS Kiosks
b) TransitLink Ticket Offices
c) NETS Sales and Customer Service Centre
d) Sheng Siong (unconfirmed, since free if u are spending there)


  1. Nets Flashpay website
  2. Linkpoints - online registation $30 spent earn 1 Linkpoint

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Memstar Awarded RMB$60m Contract

I should probably read more about Memstar, a water treatment company since it got some deals with government. However, time do not permit me to spend time with studying so I just get updated with its news.

Memstar is awarded RMB$60m contract to supply membrane products to Guangzhou Municipal Government for its water treatment plant. Upon completion in June 2010, it will be the largest MBR(Membrane Bioreactor) plant in China.


  1. SGX - Reference

Monday, November 2, 2009

Suze Orman Show

I love to listen to podcasts to get information while doing other stuffs. One financial podcast I listen is "The Suze Orman Show". It is also showing in CNBC, but is available for download too as a podcast. The show is mostly focus on personal finance with her answering questions of a variety of people.

It is amazing to see people with insufficient retirement fund wanting to buy things they cannot afford too. It is also fun to see Suze Orman agitated over the decisions the people made. Nevertheless, still do your own research on what you listen.

Some concept I learned recently

Bond Ladder. Suze mentioned about her dislike of Bond Fund. Currently, I own one, Philips Money Market Fund, which parked my money while I looked for finanical opportunity. Doubt I look at bonds since with my goal and risk tolerance, I will look probably at equities.


  1. Suze Orman Show