Thursday, November 19, 2009

NETS Flashpay Limited Offer no more

The $7 offer above is no more based on the website and what a friend said.


For me, I made around $152 dollar for the 76 cards I bought and refunded through UOB ATM. I took me around a few hours for 3-4 time to get the amount and probably could have done all that in 1 day. So, the NETS Flashpay and earning $152 a day experience was a good one. Thank you, NETS for the early hongbao :)

However, I wish to correct my previous calculation using profit margin, 2/15 = 13%. Instead, it should be a matter of $/hr rather than profit margin since time is the bigger constraint. Since the offer is no more, I can show some calculation that I made that make it feel like a good offer.

Time needed to buy and refunded a card
1 min to buy(tested) + 1 min to refunded at UOB ATM
# of possible cards refunded in 1 hour
30 cards
Amount made per hour

The reason why I got less is
a) the queuing time in Boon Lay (only for my first 10+ cards, but my friend and I found Bukit Gombak kiosk had no users. And since we took turns, we got less cards each then if we do it individually at our own time.)
b) I didn't have a UOB account, so I needed some time to setup the account, I also setup the UOB trading account since I wish to try the platform.

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Anonymous said...

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