Monday, November 2, 2009

Suze Orman Show

I love to listen to podcasts to get information while doing other stuffs. One financial podcast I listen is "The Suze Orman Show". It is also showing in CNBC, but is available for download too as a podcast. The show is mostly focus on personal finance with her answering questions of a variety of people.

It is amazing to see people with insufficient retirement fund wanting to buy things they cannot afford too. It is also fun to see Suze Orman agitated over the decisions the people made. Nevertheless, still do your own research on what you listen.

Some concept I learned recently

Bond Ladder. Suze mentioned about her dislike of Bond Fund. Currently, I own one, Philips Money Market Fund, which parked my money while I looked for finanical opportunity. Doubt I look at bonds since with my goal and risk tolerance, I will look probably at equities.


  1. Suze Orman Show

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