Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holding Review on December 2009

Just the addition 50 lots of Iconic Holding at the start of the month. Been a nice year for me in investing. This blog forces me to think when I buy/sell, although rationalization does not equates profit. I learned about how bad I am in investment so I have shun lots of investment. Surprisingly, I have gone into delisting companies and will definitely research more into them.


StockPurchase DateAnnualized ReturnBuying PriceCurrent Price
STI ETF*15-Jan-2008-7.83%3.472.95
STI ETF*17-Oct-200831.70%2.082.95
ASA Group28-Sep-200928.94%0.0550.06
STI ETF*28-Sep-200934.28%2.672.95
Iconic Holding27-Oct-2009-2.03%0.1650.165
STI ETF*27-Oct-200938.66%2.752.95
Iconic Holding3-Dec-2009-4.87%0.1650.165
STI ETF*3-Dec-200931.33%2.872.95

I still haven't sold Powerplus or Cacola, a sign that I am probably too emotional. Regardless, keeping them till I figure they are really in trouble. I will also keep ASA while keeping in touch of its update. Iconic Holding meeting will be in January and I should probably prepare to send my envelope accepting the cash offer.

Going forward, I am considering to create another blog and programmatically post SGX news into it. I really hate that how hard SGX website is for searching news. I will recommending too if you have the same problems too.

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DreamerZ said...

i see that you are doing well on ETF investing. Probably thats something u wanna look deeper into, as an alternative to broad based learning in investment.

One thing i learnt in investment is more knowledge does not necessary translate into more profit. A simple strategy that works for the person is probably better than 10 complex strategies that do not earn a profit.

In the end, for most ppl, the simpler it is, the better it is. It works for me and i see that it works for you as well. Maybe u can work on STI ETF solely and paper trade on others.

Happy investing, Cheers
Hee Teck

Thien Rong said...

nope, lol the ETF are the benchmarks to stocks I buy. And as you see, I never beat it, so I should probably switch to only STI ETF.


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