Thursday, January 14, 2010

The betting system to win even in a unfair game with unlimited capital #1

I must emphasis the unlimited capital again before I start. Without unlimited capital, this strategy may fail and ends up in huge losses.

A few requirements are needed for the system to work.
a) The game must have a payoff of at >= 2, meaning if u bet $1, you should get at least $2 if you win,
b) The game let you bet without limit, eg. not restricted to xxx dollars,
c) unlimited capital.

I don't gamble but just find this system very interesting and wonder if there are practical uses of it.

The system

It is called Martingale betting system. Basically, you just need to double your initial bet each time you lost. When you win, you reset back to an initial bet. For example,

$1 bet on head. LOSE!
$2 bet on head. LOSE!
$4 bet on head. WIN! (3rd bet)
=> Won $8 and bet $7. Total winning is $1, 1/7 = 14%

Logically, it does seems to work and you will always win eventually. Why don't everyone uses the system then? It requires unlimited capital and provides negative progression returns. The longer you are betting, the worse are your returns when you win. You always win $1 only. For example,

$1 bet on head. LOSE!
$2 bet on head. LOSE!
$16,384 bet on head. WIN! (15th bet)
=> Won $32,768 and bet $$32767. Total winning is $1, 1/32,767 = 0.000030518509476%

The returns are terrible and in additional, you had already bet 32767 times your initial bet size. If your initial bet was 1,000, it will already been $32 millions betted just for a $1 winning. Therefore, casinos don't need to care about people using this since it is impractical.

Just for fun, I wish to try and find a use of the system. In 4D, the system will fail terribly since the odds are terrible and you will need lots of money to sustain the high number of bets. Instead, I wish to try the system on football betting.

The goal is simple, to win as soon as possible for higher margins and less use of capital. How to predict a soccer game? I don't plan to. I am just going to let Singapore Pools predict and find the games at least payout of 2 and closest to the payout of 2.

For responsible gambling, I am assuming a regular bet amount of $20 each month. I will look at the odds Thursday weekly and choose the bets. If only 1 bet is used weekly, the maximum winning is only $4 a month, which probably will not happen either. Therefore, I plan to run concurrent bets with initial bet $1 to maximize the use of capital. I am not using real money.

Some more rules, I will only bet win, lose or draw. It is more convenience because I can just glance the Singapore Pools odds at 1 page. I will not have 2 bets on the same game. I don't think it will be good since it will means 1 of them will definitely be wrong. My expectation is that the returns of the bets will be abysmal but I wish to try it to know more.

$20 Monthly Fund

Bet $1 in the following:
MALI vs ALGERIA, Home 2.2
LAZIO vs PALERMO, Home 2.3

$16 Fund Left

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