Friday, January 22, 2010

Delisting Company: China Hongguo (H14)

SGX - Cash Offer by Info Giant Investments for Hongguo

Hongguo International Holdings Limited (Hongguo) is an investment holding company. It is a specialized designer, producer and retailer of fashion footwear. It owns two ladies fashion footwear labels: C.Banner and E.Blan. Hongguo is also distributor of Naturalizer, ladies fashion footwear brand in the United States, as well as Florsheim, the United States label for man’s footwear. The Company is primarily engaged in two business segments: manufacturer and retailer of branded fashion footwear and apparel, and contract manufacturing of footwear.

I missed this announcement but happen to see it on another blog. The rationale was the usual with several others, greater management flexibility. Somehow being listed is not efficient to some companies, although it is can be an excuse to other reasons. Yet on the other hands, some companies are getting listed on other exchange without issues.

Proft Margin

Selling @ Offer Price of $0.439(although should be 0.440)
Buying 21 lots @ 0.43 = 1.38%
Buying 21 lots @ 0.435 = 0.21%

I tried to queue 40 lots @ 0.43 which probably won't work.

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