Monday, January 11, 2010

Given a unfair game, can you find a way to always win money?

Given a coin tossing game which you need to bet $1 to participate and you win $2 if you guess correctly and lose everything if u guess wrongly. Is there any way to beat the system and win some money given you got unlimited money?

There is a system that make money eventually even if the game was unfair and not in your favor, for example, the 4D which you pick 4 numbers and the payout is less than your chances of winning. It should be obvious that Singapore Pools is not a charity that gives you money. However, as said it requires unlimited capital.

I hate gambling but was interested to find that such a system exists. Will reveal the system in future if people are interested.

Meanwhile, Iconic Holding is under trading halt, probably the result of the EGM is out. Should probably have no problems, and I have to look to invest my money somewhere else again, but most delisting companies have already reached their offer price.

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DreamerZ said...

share share~!

Hoon Thien Rong said...

Thursday then share, want to look up a bit more about the system.

melana said...

are you following what's happening at Jurong Cement?

Hoon Thien Rong said...

hi melana,

I didn't get Jurong Cement because there was no opportunity. The stock price strike the offer price on the 1st day and haven't present any opportunties. I believe the offer is already unconditional already.


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