Monday, January 18, 2010

Rant on Passwords

While waiting for my cheque after accepting the Iconic Holding for almost a week, I tried to check my UOB account just in case the money was deposited in there instead of my POSB one. Then, I realized I forgotten both my username and password. I tried a few combination and got my login disabled. Reseting the password on the ATM wasn't difficult but when I relogin, I had to figure another password with some rules, like it cannot contain the same character twice and also I cannot reuse my old passwords. I wondered if someone can just do the same on other people account with their username and irritated them, having to come up with lots of password.

Honestly, I wonder how others can remember some many username/passwords in their life. There are
* Singpass
* National Library Card
* School account
* couple of Gmails,
* couple of Yahoos,
* Live/Hotmail
* Skype
* Facebook
* Twitter
* various websites that uses their own login

Luckily, SingPass settled most of the government password like, CPF, tax, etc. Of course, there are password manager but I don't like the idea of a central point since once it is compromised, all your passwords are exposed. You can also write down password somewhere, or even stick them on your screen. I think that is even worse in security. I don't think there is a perfect solution to this, so I just to try very hard to remember password or come up with some kind of system to recall passwords.

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