Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weekly soccer betting with Martingale system #2

Made some mistake, the minimum bets for Singapore Pools soccer is $5, so I am going to x5 for everything. Therefore, it will be $100 invested/gambled monthly, not using real money, because I suspect the returns will be abysmal.

Also, I decided to focus only on 1 game instead although for a bettor it might be more "chances" of winning. For, a portfolio manager might consider this as not diversified and putting all the eggs in 1 basket. Regardless, I am just testing the system returns and checking 1 result is much faster. However, there will still be concurrent bets.

$80 Fund Carryover (x5 from last week)
After last week results, add $11.5(x5, payoff 2.3) for Lazio Home Win.

$5, CENTRAL COAST vs GOLD COAST UTD, Away 2.05 (Reset after win)
$10, CENTRAL COAST vs GOLD COAST UTD, Away 2.05 (x2)
$10, CENTRAL COAST vs GOLD COAST UTD, Away 2.05 (x2)
$10, CENTRAL COAST vs GOLD COAST UTD, Away 2.05 (x2)

$56.5 Fund Left (from original $100)

EDIT: minor mistake should be away not home

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