Monday, February 1, 2010

Creditability of Donation

I don't like to donate for several reasons. One reason is I really wonder how many percent of the donation really go to those in need. Somehow today, when those usual ice-cream seller kids arrive at my door, I gave $14 for the Magnolia 1 litre ice-cream. It was like those ice-cream peddlers used to wrap between breads. Definitely over-priced, but my concern is whether he lied. He spoke of the need of fund for his mother treatment. I don't believe him 100% but he hit my soft spot. Perhaps it was the recent Haiti event.

In the future, I really hope to help those in need rather than donate money. I also believe in sustainable charity rather than one based on donation. One of my goal is an orphanage since I think every child should at least have an equal education at least to the secondary school. Singapore seems support that already, so probably might be in poorer countries elsewhere.

Back to the ice-cream, I was thinking, perhaps loansharks should hire runners to sell ice-creams while doing their tasks. This will "legalise" their business while they can also maximize the use of their runners. Who knows, perhaps they already started that?

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