Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reward-based education. Good or Bad?

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Just read newspaper about students getting reward with the school bus for those who are punctual. On first thought, I thought it was a good idea, that they is reward instead of using punishment to encourage students to be punctual. However, my thoughts is that Singaporeans will be taught to only do things for rewards or incentives. I believe this culture of doing things based on rewards is deeply rooted into the Singapore system and might not be good for certain tasks.

For example, how can you encourage people to do volunteer works? People will probably stop doing volunteer work if there aren't any incentives. The government do provide incentives by giving double tax deduction for donations. When eating out, few people will help clear their own mess they made on the table, because there is no incentives. Few people will recycle or even separate their trash because there is no incentives. Few people will give up their seats on public transport for people who need it more because there is no incentives. Just a thought.

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