Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughts on Budget 2010 - Productivity

Focus on productivity. Good or bad?

I believe that technology can increase productivity but I think I also know technology can kill jobs. Recently, French Air Traffic Controllers started 5-Day Strike due to fear of losing their jobs.
The French controllers are protesting European Union plans to integrate air traffic control systems under an initiative called the Single European Sky. Their unions fear the changes will result in job cuts and the loss of special civil servant benefits.

It wasn't too long ago that there was the mentioned of "Cheaper, Better, Faster (CBF)".
The labour movement, NTUC, will be working towards helping put on track a "Cheaper, Better, Faster (CBF)" economy in the next two years

I don't disagree that increasing productivity is the only way ahead if we wish to depend less on cheaper, better foreign labor. It is just a difficult thing for people to like changes, even if it is good for the themselves. Just a irony, if there are no criminals there won't be any jobs for police. If there aren't any viruses, there will be no money selling anti-virus. Singaporeans are so hardworking, I feel it takes a lazy person to think of the most productive way of solving a problem. Nevertheless, the goodies for Singaporeans is the increase of foreign levy.

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