Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weekly soccer betting with Martingale system #5

1 month has passed since I used the system and the result is $76 with the initial $100 there the returns are -26% in a month. Another $100(fake money) will be added as 1 month has passed.

There are ways to improve the returns of this fund by
a) guessing better (i don't predict currently, just choose the smallest odds that is >= 2)
b) better utilize the capital (using 8 concurrent bets since added another $100/month, not sure if there is a more optimal way to determine the # of bets)

The best case for the fund is guessing correct all the time, which is all 4 weekly bets resulting in 8 concurrent bets x 4 times a month x $5 profit = $160 for the $200 fund. The worst case is nothing is right, resulting in complete lost in the 3rd week and having to wait for fund next month.
$40, 8x$5 1st week
$80, 8x$10 2nd week
$80, 4x$20 3rd week

This week's bet

Remember the fund only bet in odds >= 2 and double every previous bet that didn't win. There are concurrent bets to better make use of the $100 monthly fund. There are more matches on Friday, but this system should work regardless.

$74 Fund Carryover
$100 Monthly Funding

Decide to add 4 more concurrent bets, totaling to 8 bets
The bets are kept separate for easier management but betting on the single game.
This week odds seem rather higher since I cannot find a odds close to 2.

RACING vs ATLETICO MADRID, Away 3.15 with the 8 bet amount

$84 Fund Left (from $200 invested)


  1. Singapore Pools odds

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