Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cash Offer: Eng Kong (E06)

References: SGX Offer Document

Company Info:

Eng Kong Holdings Limited (Eng Kong) is an investment holding company, engaged in the provision of management and support services to the subsidiaries. The Company operates in four segments: container depot operation, which provides mainly storage and handling, repair and transportation services for empty containers; warehousing and container freight station (CFS), which is involved in stuffing and unstuffing of outbound and inbound general cargo, warehousing of cargo which require long term storage and rental income from warehouse; container sales, agencies, which is involved in trading of used containers, and survey acting as container leasing agents and inspection of new containers, and others, which includes rental income from properties and treasury activities. In March 2010, the Company announced that Eng Kong Investment Holdings Limited, its dormant wholly owned subsidiary, completed voluntary liquidation proceedings.

Offer Price

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