Monday, July 26, 2010

Cash Offer: Royal Sporting House LIMITED (R04)

RSH Limited is a Singapore-based company. It is engaged in retailing, wholesaling, importing, exporting and dealing in sports, golf and active lifestyle products, retailing of fashion and lifestyle products and investment holding. The Company has a portfolio covering four key product categories: sports, golf and active lifestyle, fashion, watches, and beauty, and cosmetics. It has operating segments in Southeast Asia, Middle East, South Pacific and North Asia. As of March 31, 2010, the Company's subsidiaries include RSH (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Aryan (SEA) Private Limited, Gagan Holdings Pte Ltd, Prasan Pte. Ltd, Prasan Pte. Ltd, Navya (SEA) Pte. Ltd and Royalvasco Pte. Ltd.

Stock Chart
RSH LIMITED stock chart
Offer Price

References: SGX Offer Document

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