Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cash Offer: HYFLUX Water Trust LTD (D7T)

Note: Showing info for Hyflux but delisting is for its listed water trust

Hyflux Ltd is a Singapore-based investment holding company engaged in seawater desalination, raw water purification, wastewater cleaning, water recycling, water reclamation and ultra pure water production for municipal and industrial clients, as well as home consumer filtration and purification products, and design, building and sale of water treatment plants, seawater desalination plants, wastewater treatment plants and water recycling plants under service concession arrangements. Its renewable resources management comprise of development of membrane applications in resource recovery, waste recycling and energy reclamation, including applications, such as used oil recovery and recycling; development and commercialization of specialty materials, such as L-lactic acid from natural renewable resources; and separation, concentration and purification treatments for manufacturing process streams. On July 9, 2009, it acquired additional 41.5% interest in Lube Oil Re-fining Co., LLC.
Stock Chart
HYFLUX LTD stock chart
Offer Price

Reference: SGX Offer Document

Other Resources
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Note: Showing info for Hyflux but delisting is for its listed water trust

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