Friday, August 27, 2010

Cash Offer: MCL LAND LIMITED (M25)

MCL Land Limited is a Singapore-based company. The Company acts as a holding company for a group of companies principally engaged in property investment and development, and real estate management. The Company's assets are located in Singapore. It derives revenues primarily from sale of the Company's development properties in Singapore. The Company's subsidiaries include MCL Land Holdings Pte Ltd, MCL Land (Serangoon) Pte Ltd, MCL Land (Grange) Pte Ltd, Richdeal Pte. Ltd., Superport Pte. Ltd., Maxgrowth Pte. Ltd., MCL Land Realty Pte. Ltd., MCL Land (Prime) Pte. Ltd. and Caseldine Investments Pte Ltd.
Stock Chart
MCL LAND LIMITED stock chart
Offer Price

Reference: SGX Offer Document

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