Sunday, September 19, 2010

Watch Man Utd vs Liverpool legally online with Youku

Man Utd vs Liverpool Live Streaming @ Youku
Youku EPL Homepage

While Singaporeans pays increased fee for the EPL, Youku had secured the EPL rights and shows them online free and legal. I don't watch much soccer matches nowaday and is surprised that EPL allowed Youku to stream the videos. Although there are probably lots of other illegal sources elsewhere, I wondered how much Youku paid just to get the rights to play the games live.

A quick peek at a live match of Man Utd vs Liverpool, it lags once a while but is still accepted. However, the crowd volume exceeds the English commentary. Perhaps they are targeting China watchers where most probably don't understand the English commentary.

I wondered if they can justified their cost of getting the licensing rights and streaming to so many viewers. They currently has only an advertising model and probably using it to hype their future IPO to get even more funds and gain market share.

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