Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review of Prediction for 2010 @ Jan 2010

Review of Predication for 2010

STI to go up by 5% to 3,040 at the end of the year. Just using the the upper end of PM prediction of GDP and relating to the stock market hopefully.

My optimism was right but the GDP prediction was so wrong.

Ringgit to strengthen against SingDollar which is currently 2.4

This site seem to indicate it drops to as low as 2.31. But probably around 2.33 then the strong SingDollar policy kick in to fight inflation.

Fiber optics plan in Singapore will be useless to most home owners. Don't think anyone found a good use of bandwidth except for illegal contents.

Report of Starhub CEO not sure if needed. Only 5% uses the fastest broadband service currently.

Also, I had the trial fiber optic and it wasn't as fast as I hoped for the download. Upload is quick but probably useless since I don't upload much stuff online.

Significant research advances of some crops. Perhaps there will be a finding of some genes that lead to better harvests or resistance to the climate changes.

No idea about this one at all and didn't read much into crops.

Google change their looks to cater for real-time search.

Yes with Google instant? But it isn't perfect or useful to most users and probably take up lots of bandwidth and money for Google too.

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