Monday, November 6, 2017

Life plans

Been some time since I blogged. Many things have changed but still trying new things as usual. Just a checkpoint of investment so far.

Investment plans 
* Bought a home with leverage (need to decide whether 2nd home make sense in 5 years time or invest in other things)
* Automated monthly investment with DBS into STI ETF 
* UOB One Account with spending
* CIMB eSaving Acct
* POSB Cashback Bonus (since got loan + credit card spent + invest) (think consider to stop in a year since the investment one is one year in T&C)
* Automated monthly investment into Co-op (~3% interest)

Short term plans ahead
* Monthly investment into Ethereum (started Gemini account and remit money over. Gonna start working it and learn on the way, e.g. get hardware wallet Ledger Nano S to secure the money?)